Batteries cabinets are indoor and outdoor cabins to house different batteries strings with ventilation systems to keep the batteries at the right temperature for their working. This batteries cabinets have thermal insulation and a thermoelectric conditioner for proper air conditioning inside.

SME batteries cabins solutions is designed to offer a conditioned enclosure to allow batteries for radio access to be housed. This model of cabins allow to keep the concept of plug and play solutions, easy to transport and quick installation.

The air conditioning system is formed by thermal enclosure at the cabin and with a thermoelectric conditioner installed in the door which work through Peltier effect to guarantee the right temperature to get an increase of the useful life of the batteries (25ºC aprox.)

Sizes and configurations of the cabinets for batteries depends of batteries models and quantity. SME have designed different models with different heights ready to house 2, 3 o 4 strings batteries, as other 19″ racks for batteries of 1U.

The batteries cabins are made of galvanized steel sheet with double layer, they have IP55 grade of tightness or superior (according to requirements and needs) against water and dust and with resistance of IK10 against impacts, according to European standards. This racks outdoor for batteries are designed, made and prepared for this installation outside with several security measures anti-vandalism (locks, alarms, sensors).

Below we share some images of different models of batteries cabins, all our solutions are customizable and adaptable, contact us for more information.