SME´s high-capacity power cabinet is designed to house radio and transmission equipment for telecommunicacions deployments in urban sites. With DC energy system, AC panel, batteries for backup and alarms safety system, is the perfect solution for mobile network operator deployments.

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FTTH OLT Cabinets are SME’s solution for the housing of FTTH equipment and associated connectivity for use in new deployments. This solution allows to keep the concept of an easy and quick to install, compact and versatile system.

SME has deployed OLT cabinets for Orange’s fiber network nationwide.

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The noise produced by air conditioning and cooling systems in telecommunications outdoor cabinets and shelters is one of the main problems that mobile network operators and infra Cos have to install this infrastructures in urban areas. Air inlet and outlet annoying noises affect negatively to city hall allow to install this cabinets or shelter in the cities.

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With the arrival of 5G, mobile network operators have had to review existing infrastructures to adapt them to the new networks and optimize the technology. In addition, the data traffic demand increase and the need of a high network availability and latency reduction, makes the 5G deployment closer to the user, it must be carried out in urban environments.

To house communications equipment required by 5G it is necessary flexible anda adaptable infrastructure that blends in with the environment and reduce visual impact. SME has designed different telecommunication outdoor cabinets to install in cities, seaports or urban areas that require this kind of infrastructures and that are discreet and not noticeable by passers-by.

This way, camouflage cabinets can be installed in bus shelters, store signs, traffic signs or storefronts, reducing visual impact and favoring the permission acquisition with the city halls, since it does not interfere with the urban environment.

Beside, this cabinets or outdoor racks are designed to show publicity or informative elements, which can be used with different purposes, in addition to house the necessary technology.

Camouflage cabinets can be designed according to requirements and adapt to different needs of the mobile network operator and the site. The following images show some projects or applications of this kind of infrastructures: