Big events where so many people are in the same place, usually have network problems because of the overload. This overload of the network is due to high data traffic, streaming, upload of videos and pictures to the social media and clouds, videocalls, etc. Because of that, mobile network operators have mobile cell sites ready to install in these situations.

That´s the case of Orange Spain mobile operator, who have installed one of the cell on wheels that we made for them in many events in Spain like Formula 1 Grand Prix, Sevilla or ElRow Town festival in Madrid. Orange use the cell on wheels for events to cover the data traffic demand and avoid newtork cuts and overload.

These mobile cell sites are designed and manufacturer by SME and Desigenia, are systems fully integrated with Operator´s antennas, energy system for off grid sites, air conditioning through free cooling and racks for radio, mobile and satellite equipments.

There are differents models of cell on wheels with differentes measures, features and configurations according to mobile network operators and designed for their easy transport by cranes, trucks or trailers.

Here you have some pictures of these cell on wheels installed in differents events by Insyte Instalations for Orange spain.