SME has designed, manufactured and installed the cold aisle enclosure for the Data and Communications Center of Málaga City Hall of which contract it was awarded.

The project consist in design of a self-supported cold aisle enclosure customization according to the existing racks in the room without the need of mechanized the racks. With drop ceilings with transparent poly-carbonate sheets, semi-automatic closure sliding doors and blanking panels to cover the space between racks for a right ventilation of the communications equipment.

The air containment system allow to keep front side of the racks to be kept at a temperature lower thant that of the room where the equipment is housed, in order to keep them to the optimum temperature for proper operation. Beside, the detection and fire extinction system has been increased to including inside the aisle enclosure.

The cold aisle enclosure of Málaga CDC has blanking panels installed in the front and rear doors sides with vinyls with the logo of the Data and Communications Center and Málaga City Hall to customize the containment.

Other component of the contract is the rack installed with the similar features of the existing racks in size, color and design to complete the enclosure. SME has supplied 600 blanking panels to cover the space existing in the racks where is not equipment housed.

SME design, manufactures and install cold and hot aisle enclosures in datacenter rooms to improve energy efficiency and favor the hot and cold air flows to reduce energy costs. If you need a customizable solution for your data center room, do not hesitate and contact us, we help you to find the best solution for your project.