Containers modular solutions allow to facilitate transport and installation of fully integrated systems. These containered solutions applied to different sectors, allow to offer a turn key solutions for diverse projects.

SME, with DESIGENIA, is specialized in design, manufacturing, mechanization and integration of container systems what are the perfect solution for any project, because they are easily transportable to anywhere and facilitate the installation, because all the components and elements are inside a one container.

SME containers solutions and shelters are designed for different sector, such us telecommunications, Defense or energy, can be adapted to any project or requirements.

We transform through mechanization (ventilation systems, air inlets and outlets, racks and cabinets for telecommunication equipments, power systems, etc) pre-manufactured containers with 10 or 20 feet according to the specifications of the differents projects. In addition, as SME has its own manufacturing, we can make our own shelters with steel galvanized to offer an customized solution.

Below we expose a few solutions that we have manufactured, integrated and installed for different applications.

Types of modular container solutions:

  • Mobile cell sites: cell on wheels are adapted container with different dimenssions for it transrport in crane, trailer or trucks. With 9, 10 or 15 feet container according to their uses and specifications. These container have a telescopic mas integrated for antennas, air inlets and outlets, ventilation system, racks and cabinets for communication equipments, antennas supports and power autonomous system for its intallation in off grid areas.
  • Energy containers: integrated and mechanized container for its use as power systems in off grid sites. 10 or 20 feet pre-manufactured containers or less size manufactured by SME for its use in base telecommunication station with space restrictions. These systems have a prefixed structure in the top of the container for solar panels field. This container are mechanized with air inlets and oulets , ventilation system, diesel generator backup, and racks for batteries and communications equipments.
  • Fiber optic containers: mechanized of pre manufactured 20 feet containers to integrate cabling, racks, ODF, fiber optic distributors frames and other components for fiber optic deployments in rural areas. SME has designed other containers with concrete and special roof for difficults atmosphere conditions and ready to install in isolated locations.
  • Modular datacenter: a integrated solution to install anywhere. This system is a combination of different adapted containers with the posibility of increase or decrease the system. With racks for communication equipments and servers, edge computing, free-cooling and air conditioning systems, access security measures, this data center container is designed to neat the data center to the user and reduce network problems and improve the service.

AS all our solutions, SME designed and manufacture 100% customizable infrastructures. If you hbave any project where containers systems can be used, contact us and we will inform you about the best solution.