FTTH OLT Cabinets are SME’s solution for the housing of FTTH equipment and associated connectivity for use in new deployments. This solution allows to keep the concept of an easy and quick to install, compact and versatile system.

SME has deployed OLT cabinets for Orange’s fiber network nationwide.

The FTTH OLT equipment cabinet can accommodate equipment such as the AC switchboard, the DC power system, backup batteries, optical distribution frame and the necessary alarm systems. The cabinet also includes air conditioning systems that allow maintaining the right temperature for the correct operation of the equipment and provide the longest battery life.

The cabinet has a total height of 1600mm with plinth, a width of 1350mm and a depth of 650mm. With an approximate weight of 270kg without batteries. Manufactured in galvanized steel sheet and special polyester powder paint for exteriors color RAL 7035.

Formed by two separate bodies completely watertight guaranteeing a degree of watertightness IP55 for penetration of water and solid objects according to standard EN 60259 and with a degree of protection IK10 for mechanical impacts according to standard EN 50102.

Cabinet body

The inside of the cabinet is divided into two separate bodies, one of them for the power equipment and the AC panel and where the equipment is installed. The other body is to house all the fiber optic elements with columns forming a 42SU rack in 21″ with free space to install other equipment.

Enclosure conditioned for batteries

The plinth has a front cover with a Peltier thermoelectric conditioner that can be removed to access the battery enclosure. Up to 2 branches of 4 12V batteries can be installed.

This base supports the cab body and provides rigidity while allowing anchoring to the ground. It keeps the cab isolated from the ground by possible accumulations of water or mud.

Like all SME cabinets, they are customized according to customer and project requirements, so all components are flexible and adaptable to other needs. If you need an outdoor cabinet for fiber optic equipment, contact us and we will find the best adapted solution.