SME´s high-capacity power cabinet is designed to house radio and transmission equipment for telecommunicacions deployments in urban sites. With DC energy system, AC panel, batteries for backup and alarms safety system, is the perfect solution for mobile network operator deployments.

The main feature of this cabinet is the AC panel location in the left side of the outdoor rack, where 5g antennas and RRU´s are connected to. Also, the power cabinet has an air conditioning system which allows to keep the right temperature inside the cabinet, with two enclosures: once for equipment and other for batteries.

High-capacity power cabinet features

It is made of galvanized steel sheet and has IP55 degree of protection against water penetration and solid objects according to EN 60259 and IK10 degree of protection against mechanical impact according to EN 50102.

With a height of 1995mm including plinth, a width of 800mm and a depth of 700mm, the C3 cabinet is the best choice for new network deployments. Customizable in color and silkscreen printing to suit the needs of each project.

In terms of air conditioning, it has ceiling fans to extract hot air, ventilation louvers for the entry of outside air and a thermoelectric conditioner with peltier in the cabin door for the battery enclosure at the bottom.

If you want to know more about this cabin and similar, please contact us. All our products are custom-made and made to order according to requirements.