For fiber optic deployments in cities and rural environments adequate infrastructures are needed capable of housing communication equipment, ventilation systems and optical distributions frames where mobile network operators can install cabling and fiber optic componentes so that it reaches all homes.

SME design, manufacture, integrate and install different infrastructures for these kind of deployments, in rural or urban sites, offering flexible and adaptable solutions for network and fiber operators.

Infrastructures for fiber optic

We can differentiate between optical distributors (racks indoor for FTTH rooms to router fiber optics), outdoor cabinets for OLT equipment and optical fibre containers for rural deployments.

  • Optical distributors frames: SME has designed an optical distributor frame for 256 fibers, although it is adaptable to different capabilities according to the needs. This indoor rack is fully configurable and customizable in componentes, colors, accessories and configurations. ha diseñado un armario repartidor para 256 fibras, aunque es adaptable a diferentes capacidades según necesidades. Este armario es totalmente personalizable en color, componentes y accesorios, así como configuraciones.
  • OLT cabinets. Outdoor cabinets for OLT equipment are designed to house communications equipment and optical distributors frames and installing in cities near to the homes. This cabinets have batteries, rectifier and ventilation systems with free-cooling.
  • Fiber optic containers. This solution are thinked for rural environments, a fiber optic room fully equiped near to the homes to facilitate the fiber optic deployment. This containers are prepared for quick installation, with racks for communications equipment, ODF, energy system, cabling and other componentes necessary for the deployment.