Hosting services providers seek to provide infrastructure for their clientes in a fast, reliable and scalable ways without compromising security and with the guaranteeing  the quality of the datacenter. There is where the challengue lies for these providers, in the search of reduce the time to market and datacenter construction. 

As the demands envolve, speed in construction, easily scalable systems, as well reducing planning times are demanded. For this reason, new systems are being developed to help construction risk reduction with modular datacenter

Investment in modular datacenter are growing

Hosting provideres are increasing the investment in modular datacenter, fast manufacturing systems and short time-to-market and installation times. The reasons and adventages of using this kind of small datacenter are the next:   

  • Implementation speed: the manufacture of these modular systems reduce construction times due to these are prefabricated containers in which the differents parts of datacenter are manufacture simultaneosly (racks, power cabinets, condiotioning systems, etc) All the prefabricated modules are integrated in the container.  The envelope are machined quickly reducind until a 50% the time of traditional datacenter construction.  
  • Construction risks reduction: in traditional datacenters there are many agents in the midle od the process, this carry many risk, also the civil works risks. Prefabricated datacenter have a simple assambly  that the same manufacturer can carry out, without including more external agents.    
  • Standardization:  the standards systems creation facilitates the design and manufacturing work, due to hosting providers can choose between datacenter already designed and configurations and modifications are less than in a traditional datacenter.  
  • Flexibility: modular datacenter are flexibles in their integration and configurations options, it allows to colocate more or less racks, conditioning systems, size or power systems