The noise produced by air conditioning and cooling systems in telecommunications outdoor cabinets and shelters is one of the main problems that mobile network operators and infra Cos have to install this infrastructures in urban areas. Air inlet and outlet annoying noises affect negatively to city hall allow to install this cabinets or shelter in the cities.

For this reason, SME has designed its own noise mufflers adapted to air inlet and outlet entries of the shelters and outdoor cabinets to reduce decibels and attenuate the noise produced by the ventilation systems. With this muffler, the sound is markedly reduced and it favors the installation of outdoor cabinets in rooftops or fiber optic or telecommunications shelters in urban sites.

Noise mufflers in shelters

SME design consist in a metal box made of galvanized steel covered inside by a pyramidal polyurethane foam and a lower grating to avoid the entry of big insects.

The dimensions of the box will be different according to where it will be installed.

Noise silencers in outdoor racks

Noise silencers in outdoor racks are square or rectangular adapted to the air inlet and outlet too. They have sides and superior parts with a grille to avoid insects entry. They are covered by a pyramidal foam to reduce the noise produced by cooling systems.