OPPIs (Optical Point of Promotion and Information) are structures used for advertising and informative placements. This advertising supports are installed in differents places of the cities to offer information to passers-by: bus shelters, advertising posts, etc.

SME, as specialist in telecommunication infrastructures, has a similar solution to the OPPIs, but it allow to house mobile and radio communication equipments which facilitates their collocation in urban sites because of its similar enclosure to the advertising supports.

These mimecry cabinets can be configurated with different sizes, being able to adapted to different requirements. SME OPPIs can be installed in bus shelter allowing to house communication equipment, batteries and serve for mobile network operators network deployment in urban sites. This solution help to 5G deployment using systems that reduce visual impact as bus shelters as below:

These cabinets also can be installad in centers of interest, squares or tourist areas where information point are needed and this Opticals Point of Promotion and Information (OPPIs) can serve such as network point as advertising posts.