Control and remote monitoring of infrastructura in a datacenter is fundamental to guarantee the righ availability of the equipment. It is necessary supervise the correct working of the components in a data centre for it works without interruptions 365 days at year and 24 hours at day.

Daily, in data center rooms, reviews and maintenances are made and the components and elements integrated in the rooms are supervised. Between them are next:

  • Energy systems: transformers, generators, energy panels or UPS.
  • Air conditioning systems and ventilation in the room and racks
  • Fire detection and extinction
  • Security systems and access control
  • Conectivity and network equipments

With supervision of this componentes allow to guarantee and ensure a conitnuous service to avoid incidents which induce failures.

Remote monitoring systems allow knowing the real status of components and generate differents alerts to allow infrastructures´ manager acting before incident occurs. These kynd of monitoring systems make that the control more efficient in many aspects, such as energy efficiency. With the remote control and monitoring system we can observe in real time air conditioning equipment, knowing real temperature of the room and servers and to act accordingly. Beside, you can connect alarms for when the temperature is above limits pre-established, ventilation systems can turn on. This can be made remotely with distance control systems and automatically with pre-established parameters and actionable systems.

To know the status of the components in real time and with alerts control when the elements are out of the parameters established, you can prevent the main incidents of data center, such as the high temperatures by heat generated by the equipments, a wrong ventilation or air entry in racks or data center rooms, a wrong control of air flows or a mistake with power systems or generators failures.

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remote monitoring of datacenter